About Me

A formal introduction

The D.Min. Graduates of 2015. I'm the one with the sunglasses and walking stick! (As if you didn't know.)

The D.Min. Graduates of 2015. I’m the one with the sunglasses and walking stick.

I’m a Professor of New Testament at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. I teach all sorts of stuff and we have lots of fun. As I oft say to the students who are daring enough to step into a class with me, “We may not learn much, but we sure do have fun!” Truthfully, I think we all do learn much. And we have loads of fun doing so.

I got my Ph.D. from The University of Chicago (1993). Recently I completed an MFA in Writing from Spalding University in Louisville, KY (2014). I concentrated in Fiction, but loved the semester I spent in Playwriting as well. I’ll post bits and pieces of my creative writing here and there on this site. As well as some of the New Testament and Bible stuff (because I’ve got so much of it). I did my Seminary work at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary (1982) and my undergraduate work at Texas Wesleyan College, now University (B.S. 1977) and Oklahoma Baptist University (’72-’74). I’m also a certified Transformational Coach.

I’ve taught at a number of seminaries and undergraduate institutions since 1983. I’m getting old. And wise, of course.


Informally Speaking

The Comedian at work!

I’m so much wider (literally and figuratively) than those degrees or that professional title. I fall into serial obsessions so easily — Wicked, comedy, The Book of Mormon, writing, neurological explorations, all-things-piano. I never tire of Virginia Woolf and always love re-discovering her. Pedagogy is a passion for me, especially when it comes to finding new ways to make space (internally and externally) for creativity and for helping others to speak truly. There once was a time of macrame and needlepoint and crochet. Marble fountains. Clay creations. Strawbale and Cob houses. Meditation. All things Apple. Propp’s fairytale morphology. Storytelling, weird female saints from various religious traditions. Buffalo and bluebonnets.

Walk around my apartment, survey my bookshelves, you’ll be able to trace something of a history of my obsessions. Join me here … I plan to pursue any little thing that comes across my mind. These obsessions (and new ones) will show up. I promise.

I’m a creator — I love to make things. Written things. Things to touch. Things in my head. Things to see. Things to do other things with. If you like to make things, too, share them here if you like. I like people who like to make things. We should all make more things!

Those Sunglasses and Walking Stick

For those who don’t know … when you see a current pic of me … or see me “live” … you’ll notice the strange attire. I wear a hat. I carry a walking stick. I wear dark glasses. See the above picture of me with the D.Min. students.

It is not a fashion statement.

In 2010, I had a major cerebellar stroke that left me with some bothersome disabilities. And also gave me a lot of things. It’s a whole big story … and ongoing. I’ll post some stuff from my short-lived blog, “In Fragments,” here somewhere, for those who are interested in strokes and neurological matters. And I’ll occasionally write a new post about the stroke and its side-effects, no doubt. Here’s me post-stroke teaching a class.

The Hat

The Hat

Where I’m From … and other stuff

I was born in Arizona and consider myself to be from the Southwest. I miss that landscape and sky something fierce. The East coast, where I now live is way over-dressed in my opinion. Where the heck is the sky? All those dang trees in the way. In between the Southwest and the East, I’ve lived in West Texas, a short stint in Oklahoma, back to Texas. This time in a mobile home in a perfectly ratty trailer park somewhere around Arlington. Then to Chicago for about ten years. I love Chicago. It’s not home the way the Southwest is, but it’s a wonderful place to land for a while. Then to Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

04Yellowstone14 I miss the buffalo and the bluebonnets.But what can one do?Except take pictures now and then. bluebonnets5

I’ve got a daughter who’s an amazing hospice nurse. And another amazement who is a business manager for a theatre and is also the stage manager for the company. And a wiley grandson and perfectly delightful granddaughter. So all that’s pretty cool. And we’re all proud to be members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

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