This is a page about stuff. (As if other pages aren’t about stuff?)

But every blog needs an “About” page. This is mine.


Somewhere in Spain

About Me

My name is Virginia Wiles.

You can learn more about me by clicking on that title, “About Me” …

and by reading stuff on this blog.

You can also check out my virginiawiles.com website.

If you’re interested in seeing what I teach at NBTS, you can reach my Course Websites here.


Why Ukulele Steeple?

About the title of this blog. I like it. Tell me if you do. Of if you don’t.



Other things about me and my work:

The Curriculum Vita of Virginia:  This is an official (and mostly up-to-date) CV, for those interested in such things:

You want a link to my Course Website at New Brunswick Theological Seminary?

Or just a list of some of my publications?

How about my officially-me website? Go to virginiawiles.com. I can’t promise what you’ll find there, because things are always in progress. But go hunting if you please.

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