Monthly Archives: March 2016

Ah, Beauty! 1

The Beloved Community: Here and Now Last night a group of us were gathered at the Antioch Institute discussing the Beloved Community. Our goal was to think about how and where we see the Beloved Community here and now. So, we posed the questions, “What are some of the key characteristics of Beloved Community? What are some visible signs that we are in the presence of Beloved Community?” The group led itself in an energetic conversation, reaching into their own this-life experience: “It’s humanity.” “When someone says, ‘I see you.’” “There’s Hope in the Beloved Community.” “Equity.” And on and […]

Starting with (my) WHY? 3

Have you heard of the Golden Circle? Simon Sinek described what he called “The Golden Circle” in a TED Talk on marketing and his subsequent book with the title: “Start with Why”.  It’s a simple insight, and certainly not new (as Sinek himself admits). See at the end of this post for a video of Sinek’s TED talk. Yes, I know it’s blue in the graphic below. Next time I’ll make it golden. 🙂     WHAT? Most people, Sinek says, start with the WHAT of a project or task or life vocation. What are we making or doing? The WHAT […]

Critical Thinking Begins at Home 1

“Critical Thinking” is a desideratum. As is “Diversity.” As is “Community.” I learned long ago that the terms by which an institution defines itself publicly, when interrogated honestly, reveal exactly what the institution is not. Often the terms don’t even describe the true desire or goal of the institution. Beware of the institution of higher learning that claims Teaching as a high priority. Look at the budget. It’s not where the money goes. It’s not where excellence is recognized. It’s not how professors are critically assessed or professionally nurtured. Often the parents’ or students’ or CFO’s pleasure is the defining […]